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Domestic Fire Extinguishers

Throwable Fire Extinguishers

The Soteria Throwable Fire Extinguisher is a revolutionary new way to fight A and B Class fires.
                   Throwable Extinguisher                                       Simply Throw It!

Most homes are not ready if a fire occurs...

  • Most homes do not have a fire extinguisher 
  • Most people are unsure of how to use an extinguisher effectively 
  • Most fire extinguishers are ugly, bulky and spoil the look of your beautiful home 

Our Throwable Fire Extinguisher is light, compact (only 19cm tall), and requires no prior training to use, making it the perfect fire extinguisher for anyone and everyone, especially children and the elderly.
When a fire occurs, simply throw the plastic bottle directly into the fire. Upon impact, the extinguisher shatters, releasing its extinguishing solution into the surrounding area, putting out the fire within seconds. A special foam will form and cover the area, helping to prevent re-ignition.

Kitchen Oil-Fire Extinguisher Sachet

The Soteria Kitchen Oil-Fire Extinguisher Sachet is a small sachet that is kept close to the cooking area. 
                                                Oil-Fire Extinguisher Sachet
Should a fire occur in a wok, saucepan or chip-pan, gently drop a Kitchen Extinguisher Sachet  into the pan, turn off the heat and leave alone. Within seconds the fire is extinguished and your beautiful home / motorhome / caravan /  boat (and possibly your life) is saved!

Leave the extinguished oil and pan to cool down, then simply clean the pan out and wash thoroughly; the pan can then be reused.

These products are classified as non-hazardous in accordance with REACH 1999/45/EC and the chemical solutions are classified as Readily-Biodegradable under OECD criteria.

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