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Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

Do I need a fire alarm system?

You can carry out a simple test. 

Can you, from any final exit quickly let everybody inside the building know there is a fire without going back inside yourself?
If you cannot, then you need some form of alarm, which may incorporate smoke detectors...

An effective fire alarm system is a key element in preventing a small fire turning into a disaster. An effective fire alarm will alert you quickly and accurately, allowing you to direct first responders to the location of the fire, so that it can be dealt with promptly.

When used in conjunction with well-placed fire extinguishers, staff fire training and emergency plans, a fire alarm considerably reduces the likelihood that your business will be crippled by a major fire. 

How Can Blazetech Fire Help You?

We have many years’ experience in helping our clients find the right fire alarm solution.
Whether it is the initial design, system maintenance or full installation, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a first class solution for you.

  • Our qualified engineer will carry out full inspection and testing of your fire alarm system in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and BS5839-1. Our initial survey will determine the frequency of inspection and testing required, checking for any changes to the use or structure of the building since the alarm system was installed.
  • Routine maintenance by Blazetech Fire will ensure your legal compliance and safety; and reduce the number of false alarms, minimising disruption to your business. We have years of experience of maintaining fire alarm systems for numerous commercial, industrial and residential clients.
  • As well as maintenance and 24/7 emergency cover for your fire alarm system, our experienced engineers can undertake extensions and modifications to existing systems where there is a change in usage of premises and update or improve systems to minimise unwanted or false alarms.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is designed to help occupants see their way to safety in the event of a mains power failure. If the emergency lighting fails to function properly, then lives could be put at risk and organisations held responsible.

To prevent this from happening, our experienced engineers can carry out a full survey of your premises and assess your requirements. We will ensure you have exactly the right commercial emergency lighting to protect your staff and comply with fire safety regulations.  

We also install LED emergency lighting, which is designed for internal and external use, is aesthetically pleasing, slim line and lightweight. LED emergency lighting is an excellent energy efficient choice where space, corrosion, dust or damp could be an issue.

Typical installations for LED emergency lighting include offices, shops, hotels, schools, public houses, restaurants, student accommodation and sports halls. They will provide three hours of back-up emergency lighting after a mains power failure. 

The Fire Safety Order places a mandatory obligation on building occupiers to carry out regular testing and inspection of their emergency lighting system in accordance with the requirements of BS5266. Short emergency lighting testing is required monthly to ensure that the lights activate correctly in the event of a mains failure and return to charge correctly once power is restored. This should be recorded in your fire log book.

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